Jennifer Latta ARCT, RMT, UMTC

Since 2002, Music4Life has successfully trained hundreds of students to become self-taught piano players with a lifelong love of playing music, many of which have earned certifications and gone on to their own music careers. Get in touch today to learn more about our customized private piano teaching.



Music4Life began with a vision to educate and inspire music students to be the best musicians they were meant to be. I believe strongly in creating well-rounded musicians; I aspire to nurture each student's natural abilities while strengthening their weaknesses. Each student learns to read music, write music, play and hear music, chord, analyse and enjoy creating music! And when I hear a student say music taught them they could do anything they wanted to do if they worked toward their goal one step at a time, I know I have accomplished my goal.


This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Music4life! Here at the studio, we will celebrate this year with Dream pieces, Sound Creations, Rhythm Play, Ensemble work and more.

Spring 2022 will see the release of our 20th Anniversary "Platinum" album of Student Creations. 

Moving and changing with the times, Music4Life strives to shape students into budding musicians who not only explore music, but experience it.